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NaviSite needed a stand-out initiative as part of a larger sales and marketing campaign to articulate its commitment to helping customers do more with cloud technology. A core element of its marketing objective was to educate midsize customers (those with >100 employees) on how cloud computing could improve their businesses, leading prospects to a conversation with the client’s sales team.


RSL Media produced two webinars for the company’s midsize customers. RSL Media developed themes for the webinars that were strategically positioned to engage prospects and customers, as well as showcase NaviSite’s services. In addition to developing the webinar concepts and prepping the subject matter experts, RSL Media developed marketing copy and branded visual presentations, while working with the client to ensure effective and appropriate calls to action and marketing messages within the webinars. The objective of the first webinar was to have broader appeal by focusing on the benefits of managed cloud services. The content of the second webinar unpacked the technology in greater detail, highlighting the company’s cloud solutions through a range of use cases. RSL Media managed the process from start to finish, including coordinating webinar technology, and ensuring a practiced and polished webinar. The webinar recordings were repurposed for various marketing platforms.


The webinars exceed expectations in driving attendance and fostering engagement among participants, including generating sales- and product-related questions throughout the webinar. In addition, expectations were exceeded for lead generation.

"It has been very successful for me in setting meetings. Many people I talked to were interested in having a further discussion and seemed to have a general idea of how they would want to use our services. I have booked six meetings so far from it, and many others asked me to follow up in January to set one up then."

NaviSite Salesperson

What Our Clients Say

Not only does RSL Media bring the most up-to-date, relevant knowledge and research to our meetings, they take the time to explain their findings and how it benefits our segments and industry. Since day one, our trust and faith in RSL Media is beyond 100%, as they take on our projects as their own and we know the expertise of their work is impeccable.

Nafeisa Shukair
Marketing Manager, Charter Communications

SOLVE was one of TWCBC’s most successful marketing initiatives and was instrumental in our 20% average YOY growth.

For about the same price as a high-end mailer, TWCBC sent a comprehensive magazine with relevant and thoughtful stories, advice, and best practices, all in the context of helping its customers be successful. TWCBC tracked and reported that they had an ROI of 135% (LTVC – Solve $ /Solve $).

Stephanie Anderson
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Time Warner Cable Business Services

The roundtable provided our local partner providers with a second-to-none prospecting, and sales opportunity, allowing their sales team to bond with customers and prospects in a non-sales setting. By providing a forum to share best practices, we were also able to position our partners at the center of the local HR community.

Anne Powell
Director, Channel Sales, Kronos

We had tremendous success working with RSL Media over a five-year period. In addition to consistent flawless execution, RSL Media was always one step ahead of the market, evolving our event concepts based on their understanding of the SMB market. Their events led us to crushing our subscription goals and unprecedented thought-leadership, which we leveraged across North America. I can't recommend them enough.

Anne Powell
Director, Eastern Region, Regional Development, Constant Contact

I’d grade them [RSL Media] an ‘A’. They are highly organized, and punctual. Project management is excellent; everything just happens. Content of the theme ideas we request is excellent, and article quality is very good. They go out of their way to help us promote.

Madeline Levine

The RSL Media team came to the table with a very creative and effective integrated series called 'The Secrets to a Healthy Small Business' that wound up running for nearly three years in a period when sales volume also increased. Aetna later expanded elements of the program to other markets but it lacked RSL’s strategic and creative glue.

Hugh Scallon
Former Head of Advertising, Aetna

RSL Media has been great with thinking of thought-leadership topics we can surround our products with. The white papers [they produced] are our top downloaded content on our resource library and some of the top content that our LinkedIn audience has clicked on to read on our website.

Marketing Advisor
Telecommunications, Canada

We have a lot of SMB clients. There are a lot of different ad agencies that use to create content for us, but because this campaign was focused on SMB, we wanted an expert. RSL Media went above and beyond what was required.

Consumer Marketing Manager
Insurance & Financial Services, U.S.

They keep us in touch with the pulse of the business community. No matter what my question is, they’re there [as a resource]. It’s one of the best relationships I have ever had with an agency, ever.

Marketing Manager
Telecom, U.S.
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