Your Ad Budget Doesn’t Need to Change. Your Creative Does.

Consider these two facts. According to CEB, buyers are 57% of the way through their purchase progress before they actually reach out to suppliers. Also according to CEB, it is harder for buyers to reach an internal consensus on a solution than it is to reach an internal consensus on a supplier selection (check out The Challenger Customer for more). This means the best window of opportunity for marketers is to connect with prospective buyers before they know what they need and start shopping for a solution. If it were only that easy.

While paid search is a terrific way to reach buyers who have a specific query, at best, you are only reaching people who have a good idea of what they are looking for. But what about those prospective buyers that have a business challenge and are still unsure of how to address or describe it?

Content focused on the business challenges that your product can fix is a great way to make prospects aware of your company while positioning your company as a valuable resource. Assuming that you have created the type of content your buyers are seeking out, the next question is, how do you get the content in front of them?

Before we answer that, let’s go back to the two facts mentioned above.

1. Buyers are more than halfway through their purchase journey before they start reaching out to suppliers.
2. Buyers have more difficulty in figuring out what the solution is than picking a vendor.

Based on these facts, wouldn’t it make more sense to use your advertising dollars to promote the content that your buyers need now (helping them figuring out solution options) rather than to promote product-based creative? Targeted advertising is a great way to get the content that your buyers need in front of them.

Content that educates prospects on solutions to business challenges (that your product helps to solve) is an effective way to stay top of mind, among other things, with prospects. So, use your ad dollars to promote that content accordingly.

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