Why You Must Also Be a Media Company

You need to be WHAT? Yes, no matter the type of company you really are, you need to become a media company, too. You see, the buying process has changed and content is now the best way to attract and nurture prospects (especially SMBs)…

But your competitors know this, and most are also producing a lot of content…

Plus, you are not only contending with your competitors, but also with media companies for the mindshare of your prospects (and customers) . . .

So, if you can’t beat them, it’s time to join them.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, consider the following:

  • Media companies have a trusting relationship with their audiences. I don’t know of any brand that doesn’t want to improve its level of trust with customers. As sales guru Jack Daly says, “Sales is the transfer of trust.
  • According to CEB, 36% of business owners feel their suppliers’ content is too “salesy.” Despite what many people think, salesy content doesn’t result in more sales.
  • On top of that, according to CEB, 75% of business owners don’t come across content from suppliers when dealing with business issues. We believe this is a result of the previous two points. This means that if you produce content that helps SMBs the way that media companies do, business owners will trust your content and seek it out.

So, how do we become a media company?

Here’s how:

  • Put the reader first. For SMBs, this means giving them something they don’t already know that can help them better run their business.
  • Create a mission for your content. In other words, what will your content do for the reader?
  • Create an editorial calendar and publish content at a regular frequency.
  • Source and quote real experts.
  • Stick to an area of focus.
  • Create a branded media platform. Here are some examples:

But now, here’s the real question: how will this help me sell more stuff?

I can talk for hours about this topic, but here is the short answer: when you create a media platform, you then own (not rent) a sought-after, trusted marketing channel where you can deliver offers for your product or service.

So, what are you going to name yours?

Get in touch to learn more about developing your company’s own content platform and build an asset that creates exponential returns that grow over time.