4 Types of Must-Have Content

When you think about what type of content to create, you need to first consider the type of content that your customers need and are looking for most. And by providing your customers with what they need, that content will in turn help you the most. We call this foundational content.

Foundational content is content that your customers and prospects expect when they come to your site. It is the content that is mostly closely related to your products.

Here are the four types of foundational content:

  1. Business solutions related to your product’s benefits that educate and help make SMBs better, including new ideas, best practices, and customer stories:
    • CDW talks about how to upgrade your IT infrastructure and the benefits of doing so
    • Xero talks about mobile accounting
    • Hiscox on small business insurance basics
  2. Content that addresses the most common questions about your product, or provides stories that demonstrate benefits:
  3. Content that addresses the most common objections about your product (see How Sales Holds the Key to Great Content):
    • Mailchimp writes about switching to Mailchimp
    • Quickbooks posts content on moving accounting functions to the cloud
  4. Product usage content that helps customers and prospects understand how to best use your product or service, and helps with customer retention:

Foundational content gives visitors and prospects the content that they are looking for and can use to better run their businesses. It also helps position your product as part of the solution that SMBs need.